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Some of the photos on these pages, and others, are currently exhibited
 at these locations in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Greetings and welcome!

The images on these pages were selected for a variety of reasons.  Some are fun.  Some evoke a particular feeling or maybe even a range of emotions.  Some are interesting to ponder or study.

Occasionally I look through them and remember the circumstances of the shots: the place, time, and weather, and the challenges of being watchful and patient.  I can relive and still feel the quiet joy I experienced as I connected with the beauty.

More often, though, I take time to just stare at an image.  I get lost, with no particular motive or direction, in the colors, shapes, shadows, movement and arrangement.  I lose myself as I pay attention  to where my mind wanders and how my body feels as it follows.  

This type of "attentive staring" somehow makes it easy to be mindful of the moment I'm living.  
It's pleasant to be in
such a moment and to 
know and feel that 
all is well.  

Perhaps you'll see, feel
and know some of that 
in these pics, too. But 
most of all, have fun.

Mitch Stover
Alleghany County,
North Carolina
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The Mitch Stover Galleries
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Solution Graphics
West End Art Gallery
453 West EndBlvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 

(By appointment and
walk in most weekdays)
Updated September 6, 2012
Mount Tabor Place
Robinhood Road
Winston-Salem, NC

(Photos are not for sale through Starbucks. Call the number posted with the photos.)
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New Arrivals